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Tiny Tina’s Interactive Wonderland Map Is Perfect For Finalists

The wonders of Tiny Tina not only has plenty of guns and spells to wield, but also a ton of collectibles to track down. Unfortunately, the process of hunting for said objects can be frustrating, which creates a new The wonders of Tiny Tina incredibly useful map.

As the Borderlands series from which it comes, The wonders of Tiny Tina is segmented into several different zones. Not only will players find side quests in every area of ​​The Wonderlands they visit, but a handful of scrolling pages and plenty of dice will be scattered across the map. While scrolls provide knowledge for characters in the game and dice are essential for improving loot luck, not everyone enjoyed the hunting process.


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Players were quick to suggest improvements for The wonders of Tiny Tina‘ Dice, and it’s hard to argue against ideas. Many have been pushing for a way to make them appear on the map, either through a purchasable item or as a post-match unlock. Others want the dice they’ve already collected to show up on the map, making it easier for them to follow a guide and gather the ones they’re really missing. Either way, the current version of the game lacks these quality of life features, so players will have to put in the effort to get the collectibles.

As GamesRadar pointed out, a helpful map from the Map Genie website can be seen here, and it makes a big difference when trying to piece together all the hidden items in The wonders of Tiny Tina. While there are plenty of solid guides for Lucky Dice, they are often separate from scrolling guides, which means players have to retread territory and search through multiple guides. With all the pausing and scrolling of videos, which also makes item hunting tedious, having all the information in one place is a big deal.

The map is as effective as it gets, as it shows the entirety of The Wonderlands in a huge area. Players can zoom to any location they want, with items clearly labeled with small markers. Poetry pages can be seen, lucky dice are visible, and hidden scrolls are displayed – all of which are correctly labeled. Clicking on each item provides an image and description of the location, showing players exactly what they are looking for. While it’s great to have a map view of the region, this feature makes it easier to collect items.

With the increased loot chance that comes from collecting all the lucky dice, players should have no problem getting a ton of The wonders of Tiny Tina Legendary loot. While it would be great to see the looter shooter collectibles system improve a bit, Map Genie should absolutely do the trick for now.

The wonders of Tiny Tina is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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Source: GamesRadar, Map Genius