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This participatory map shows Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map is a participatory map created by a non-profit organization to provide details on the ground of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the misinformation that poured in from all corners of the the Internet, a participatory map available online tries to provide reliable information on the situation on the ground. With ground reports of civilian and military casualties, the reliability of incoming information is of the utmost importance.

One concern is that targeting network infrastructure will essentially leave the world’s most vulnerable areas blind. In such scenarios, it is highly likely that parties with vested interests can sow false information. False alarms also have the potential to make matters worse for all civilians in militarized areas. However, reliable information from crowdsourcing can be useful in some of these situations.


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The objective of the Russia-Ukraine monitor map is to provide verified information to journalists, policymakers around the world, and anyone monitoring the situation. The map was created by the Center for Information Resilience, a non-profit organization that works to identify and counter the spread of misinformation, especially misleading propaganda from influential media and state-sponsored sources. The participatory map aims to provide information with the greatest transparency.

The latest updates on what’s happening

Russia-Ukraine monitor map

For those trying to keep up with what’s going on, the map relies on colored markers to convey important information. Green represents areas with a heavy military presence, with active movement of troops as well as assets. Areas marked in blue are used to verify satellite images of military activities. However, orange is used for areas that are currently the focus of rocket attacks, shelling, clashes between armed personnel and destruction of property. There is a pane on the left that shows a detailed geographic record of military movements in January as well as February. Sitting below is a drop-down option for “Images of bombings, shelling, explosions or destructionwhich opens an exhaustive list of all the locations where incidents have been recorded, with the date, geographical coordinates and a brief overview of the activity. It is also possible to choose between different map formats such as Street View, outdoor mode, etc. As well as a useful filter to quickly search for specific markets on the ground in affected regions.

Tap any pointer on the map to open an information window with all the necessary geolocation details, the current turn of events and the latest Tweets from verified sources to provide an accurate view of the current situation. The official Twitter account of Center for Information Resilience (@Cen4infoRes) also actively checks for misleading content, including doctored videos and photos, and source claims. This is in addition to sharing updated photos and videos uploaded to the the Internet to help accurately describe what is happening, while updating the map database.

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Source: Russia-Ukraine monitor map

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