Map scale

This Elden Ring map is an interactive companion to your adventures in The Lands Between

Ring of Elden has the largest playable area ever created in a FromSoftware game. It’s such a big world, in fact, the developer decided to include a map so players can more easily quickly travel between its distinct locations and get a better idea of ​​what those places are and where they are in. The Lands Between.

The scale of the Elden Ring world is simply staggering, largely because the game shows only a tiny fraction of it and you have to reveal more of it by exploring and finding pieces of the map for each region.

But have you ever wondered what a fully unlocked Elden Ring map looks like? Well, the helpful folks at Map Genie have created an interactive map of Elden Ring, with all of its areas fully discovered. Although the map is the most comprehensive we’ve seen, there are still a few things missing, but these are updated constantly.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, we must warn you that the card includes major spoilers for locations, bosses, and major surprises you’d really want to experience on your own.

Elden Ring Map Locations

The full Elden Ring map, available at this handy Map Genie link, lists all the main areas in the game. These are Limgrave, Liurnia, Caelid, Altus Plateau, and Mountaintops of the Giants.

It also includes the underground areas of the map, which you can switch between using the left panel.

Elden Ring Key Items, NPCs, Gear, Bosses, Materials, and Map Locations

More impressive than its details, the map also lists all the most common searches. It shows the location of NPCs, for example, as well as where to find certain key items, and locates optional and main bosses.

If you’re looking to farm a specific item, you can easily isolate it from the left side panel and it’ll show you wherever it can be found on the map. There’s even a search bar if you want to enter something specific.

Again, not everything you find is labeled, so it’s worth bookmarking the page and coming back later once more details have been filled in.

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