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The Garmin Fenix ​​5x smartwatch and fitness tracker is on sale on Amazon, if you’re looking for a rugged, no-frills model.

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SAVE $366.99: Forget Apple Watches; The Garmin Fenix ​​5x, a smartwatch designed to tackle any terrain with you, does it all and more. As of March 2, it’s now on sale for just $433, down from the $799 it normally costs. That’s a saving of 46%.

An often overlooked part of training is what you wear. Sure, a nice gym set from Lululemon might motivate you more to work out, but does it contribute to your workout in any meaningful way? The hype around smartwatches and fitness trackers (see: Fitbit, Apple Watches) reflects a growing focus on understanding exercise habits and health data to optimize our progress towards our fitness goals.

An example of this is the Garmin Fenix ​​5x. Designed to be the ultimate all-around sports watch, its winning feature is the preloaded color TOPO mapping which it uses to identify the best trails and routes for biking, hiking or jogging. Trendline popularity routing data uses data to continuously update the most popular locally known paths. The map display is optimized for at-a-glance understanding, so you don’t have to squint at your wrist as you run.

The watch also has top-notch location tracking, with multi-network satellite reception that doesn’t rely solely on GPS and an altimeter, barometer and compass. Safety features are tied to this location tracking, as your real-time location can be sent to a predefined emergency contact either if you indicate distress by holding down the light button or if incident detection of the watch is triggered (for example, by an extremely high heart rate, sudden stoppage of movement, etc.)

As well as helping you plan your training, the Garmin Fenix ​​5x also analyzes it to provide feedback that improves your next workout. Its physiological metrics and running dynamics track your progress over time, measuring your exercise volume from the past week, and comparing it to “the optimal range for your fitness and recent training history.” Other data sets and tracking options for specific sports such as swimming, running, biking, hiking, skiing, rowing, paddle boarding and more are also available.

Its less explicitly exercise-focused features are also useful – contactless payment means you don’t have to lug your wallet around with you, while compatibility with music-streaming apps (essentially a requirement these days for smartwatches) and the option to store up to 1,000 songs in the watch itself means you don’t have to take even your phone on the run. The Garmin Fenix ​​5x is all you need, making exercise so much easier.

Did we mention it’s scratch resistant and has a domed sapphire lens and PVD coated stainless steel bezel? That means you can put it through the toughest workouts and it’ll come out without a scratch (or water damage, since it’s waterproof). The Garmin Fenix ​​5x is on sale now on Amazon for $433 (12 color options available at different price points).

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