Map satellite

satellite images show before and after the mega-fire.

The dark spots revealed in this graphic, for example, capture the area burned by the so-called “megafire” of Gospers Mountain which is currently burning uncontrollably in the Hawkesbury area, northwest of Sydney.

The entire blaze, which covers 449,000 hectares, is expected to take weeks to fight.

Southwest of town is the 176,000-acre Green Wattle Creek blaze, which is currently the subject of an emergency warning.

Residents of the towns of Nattai, Pheasants Nest, Buxton, Couridjah, Thirlmere, Tahmoor, Bargo and Yanderra were told on Friday that it was too late to leave.

A state in flames.

The northern half of New South Wales has been among the hardest hit by the crisis.

The plumes of smoke revealed near the northern state border in the graphic below indicate the fires currently surrounding Grafton, a town in the Northern Rivers region.

About 2.5 hours to the south is the Port Macquarie area, which has suffered an assault in the past two months. It was the north coast region that tragically recorded six victims and dozens of injuries when its worst fires swept through in late October and early November.

Currently, a fire is burning south of Port Macquarie, as well as several in the bush to the west, all under control.

As millions of Australians head for the Christmas holidays today, our thoughts are with those affected by the bushfire crisis and those who risk their lives to fight it.

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