Map sale

Rosenberg is set to hold its first-ever citywide garage sale

The City of Rosenberg is planning its first-ever citywide garage sale on Saturday, April 30.

Courtesy of the City of Rosenberg

Residents of the town of Rosenberg and thrifty seekers looking for deals can participate in the first-ever townwide garage sale on Saturday, April 30, according to a press release.

Residents looking to sell items are welcome to visit before Wednesday, April 27 to submit their address and a description of the type of products they will be offering. Attendance is free and the event does not go toward the two garage sales that residents are permitted each year by municipal ordinance.

Participating addresses will be compiled into a map that will be posted on the city’s website and social media for shoppers to plan their bargain-hunting day.

“By hosting a citywide garage sale, we want to help residents declutter their homes and promote reducing, reusing and recycling while hoping to earn some extra income in the process,” said Rosenberg communications director Tanya Kveton.

To learn more about the garage sale, visit or contact Citizen Relations at 832-595-3301.