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Pointr Accelerates Growth in US, Launches Map Scale with US Department Store

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Pointr reaffirmed its position as the world leader in real-time location technology for smart places following the deployment of its new Map Scale solution in 700 locations of a US department store. Pointr has experienced phenomenal growth in the U.S. market over the past two years, during which time it has deployed its location technologies to thousands of sites nationwide through multi-million dollar contracts with clients including the US Department of Homeland Security, US airports (Washington Regan and National), two major US and international airlines (KPMG and CBRE). The launch of Map Scale, which enables operators to digitally map hundreds of locations in seconds, uniquely positions Pointr to serve US retailers needing to rapidly implement large-scale location technology.

“After receiving a flood of interest in our Deep Location platform, we realized the enormous growth opportunity available in the US market,” said Ege Akpinar, co-founder and CEO of Pointr. “This is why we are building our US team to further increase the 600% annual recurring revenue growth that we have seen since 2018. The US leads the world in technology adoption and retailers are particularly keen on rapidly evolving digital implementations. ”

American consumers are interested in ways in which location-based technologies can improve their in-store experiences. According to the National Retail Federation, about half of U.S. consumers want retailers to make it easier for them to find a product or location. 55% want technology to help them see if a product is in stock and 36% turn to technology to make shopping more fun. Overall, 66% agree that purchasing technologies and innovations help improve their in-store experience.

Large-scale digital mapping is a crucial part of preparing for this desired in-store transformation. Traditionally, retailers have hired mapping companies to manually convert floor plans to digital format, a process that required frequent maintenance and updates across all locations. Map Scale automatically takes CAD files from a repository and converts them into interactive and beautifully designed digital maps. Card upgrades are done automatically in seconds, allowing stores to improve major layout changes during peak shopping times. Once a location is mapped using Map Scale, a retailer can overlay location-based services, analytics, and marketing using Pointr’s Deep Location platform. Retailers can deliver the in-store experience shoppers want, including helping shoppers search for products, engage with tailored offers, discover in-stock products, and unlock premium store experiences.

A US department store has already deployed Map Scale in 700 stores with millions of mobile app users on iOS and Android.

Pointr will present its signature localization solution at NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show. To learn more about how Pointr Deep Location enables indoor location of over 100 million people in 18 countries across retail, aviation, hospitality and the workplace, visit

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Pointr, the Deep Location Company, is a global leader in real-time location technology for smart locations. Pointr helps businesses digitize locations, enabling them to create immersive location experiences and improve their operations. Pointr works with large international clients in retail, aviation, hospitality and the workplace. Built by a team of IT specialists and powered by 7 patents, Pointr’s Deep Location platform meets all of a business’s location requirements, from mapping, navigation and asset tracking to analysis and tracking. location-based marketing. Pointr customers include: US Department of Homeland Security, KPMG, Washington Metro Airports and Harrods. For more information:

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