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Light, camera, action! Welcome to Mayhem, a new multiplayer map launching with Season 3 of Call of Duty®: Vanguard

With two new functional weapons joining the Season 3 Battle Pass, we have a loadout for each that focuses on reigning supreme in the confined spaces of Mayhem. Purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass for instant access to Operator Mateo Hernandez (and two Legendary skins) and a 45-minute Double Weapon XP Token. Pair that with Mayhem and you’ll be unlocking those attachments in no time.

Equipment 1: One-Hit Monster

Main weapon: M1916 (free unlock at Tier 15 of Season 3 Battle Pass)

Key attachments: ZP custom barrel, leather rear grip, ZP M502 custom stock, subsonic ammo type

Advantages: Ghost, Advanced Intel, Lightweight

Eliminate them quickly using this critical headshot setup. The star here is the ZP Custom attachment, specifically its improved headshot damage coupled with the fact that eliminated enemies won’t display skulls to their teammates at the location of their death.

Increase your aim down velocity with the leather grip and custom ZP M502 stock, and choose subsonic cartridges to avoid pinging the minimap when firing. A low profile might not seem essential on a small map like this, but every bit of information you keep from the enemy improves your chances of landing the first hit, essential when trying to get a one-hit kill. .

Enhance your covert actions by staying on the move with Ghost, paired with Forward Intel for a near-full map view providing essential reinforcement indicators. Complete your Perk selection with Lightweight for greater mobility. If there is a way to control the chaos on Mayhem, it’s the Loadout to do it.

Equipment 2: Monster Slayer

Main weapon: Nikita AVT (free unlock at Tier 31 of Season 3 Battle Pass)

Key attachments: Empress 613 MM Barrel, Recoil Booster Muzzle, Kovalevskaya Folding Stock, Sleight of Hand Mastery

Advantages: Fortified, Stalker, Scavenger

If one shot isn’t enough, drown them with several. This weapon configuration enhances the Nikita’s already lightning-fast rate of fire while providing a very stable barrel attachment, mobility-enhancing stock, and fast reloading. Pull down or on the hip as needed; despite the weapon’s below-average hip-firing accuracy, its high rate of fire ensures quick kills at close range.

Go for Fortified for increased explosive resistance, an essential defense in the confined quarters of Mayhem. Use Tracker to improve your awareness of enemy position while hiding death markers from enemies you eliminate. Finally, Scavenger ensures you stay stocked with ammo for the fights to come, an essential considering how quickly this weapon chews up rounds.

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