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Battlefield 4 map scale survey is active until Monday morning

The DICE development team in charge of Battlefield 4 announces that more progress has been made on the community map which is expected to be made available later this spring for free to the entire player base.

Now players are once again invited to provide their own input via a new poll, which is map-scale linked and active until 8 a.m. PT on Monday.

Fans have already picked out most of the defining elements for the new map and now DICE is working to make it fun to play and include some unique elements before they take it to the testing phase.

Right now, the studio is also working on a new weapon balance patch for Battlefield 4, which is expected to be introduced before the end of spring.

Players who want to get more options for their characters will also be able to get new Weapon Crate DLC at the same time, which will add five new options for a variety of engagement types.

DICE also continues to use the community test environment to test other changes to the core Battlefield 4 formula, which continues to evolve despite the launch of the new Hardline entry in the shooter series.

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