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Pointr Accelerates Growth in US, Launches Map Scale with US Department Store

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Pointr reaffirmed its position as the world leader in real-time location technology for smart places following the deployment of its new Map Scale solution in 700 locations of a US department store. Pointr has experienced phenomenal growth in the U.S. market over the past two years, during which time it has […]

Map satellite

satellite images show before and after the mega-fire.

The dark spots revealed in this graphic, for example, capture the area burned by the so-called “megafire” of Gospers Mountain which is currently burning uncontrollably in the Hawkesbury area, northwest of Sydney. The entire blaze, which covers 449,000 hectares, is expected to take weeks to fight. Southwest of town is the 176,000-acre Green Wattle Creek […]

Map scale

End of the rainbow? New map scale is more readable by people with color blindness

Data visualizations using rainbow color scales are ubiquitous in many fields of science, representing everything from ocean temperatures to brain activity to Martian topography. But cartographers have argued for decades that the “Roy G. Biv” scale makes maps and other figures difficult to interpret, sometimes to the point of being misleading. And for color blind […]

Map symbols

Japan revamps foreign language map symbols to make it easier for tourists

The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan is proposing to revamp the symbols used in its foreign language maps after criticizing that some of its pictograms are difficult to understand or offensive. GSI developed a set of 18 symbols with the help of a panel of experts and interviewed 1,017 people from 92 countries and regions, […]