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Google Maps users can now add and share their personal addresses with the most codes

Google today announced the launch of a new feature for India on Google Maps. You can now use your current location to find your home Plus Codes address. When saving a “Home” location to Google Maps, users in India will see a new “Use your current location” which uses their phone’s location to generate a […]

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Verizon’s new coverage map shows massively expanded 5G

Verizon today updated its online coverage map with new 5G “ultra wideband” C-band coverage, showing where it says more than 90 million Americans will be able to get the new system. We tested Verizon’s C-band last week and found the system doubled or tripled Verizon’s 4G speeds. In the best case, we saw speeds of […]

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Astrophysicists publish the largest map of the universe to date

After just seven months, a huge team of scientists working with the dark energy spectroscopic instrument has already mapped a larger swath of the cosmos than all other 3D surveys combined. And since they’re only 10% away from their five-year mission, there’s still a lot to come. DESI, pronounced as Desi Arnaz’s name, has revealed […]

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Marshall Fire map shows destroyed structures, damaged by wildfire

9Wants to Know mapped the locations of destroyed and damaged structures in the Boulder County Wildfire. BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — Updated estimates released Thursday show 1,091 structures were destroyed and 179 were damaged in the Marshall Fire in Boulder County on Dec. 30. 9Wants to Know used data provided by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office […]

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How to Map Triads – Premier Guitar

Mapping major and minor triads up and down the guitar neck can open up new possibilities in your playing. chords and to inspire creative improvisations and compositions. But where do you start? If you’re a beginner or intermediate player who sees neck areas as uncharted gray areas, learning how to map triads can really help. […]