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10,000-acre ranch once owned by Texas politician seeks $29.75 million

A huge South Texas ranch, once owned by the family of the late Texas politician Lloyd Bentsen, can now be yours for $29.75 million.

The 9,780-acre Arrowhead Ranch, about 30 miles northwest of Edinburgh, regularly hosts hunters in search of quail, white-tailed deer, turkeys, wild pigs and other wildlife. Some of these hunters arrive by private jet, as the ranch has a 5,000 foot airstrip and hangar.

The airstrip and hangar were added to accommodate foreign and U.S. officials visiting Bentsen, who served four terms as U.S. Senator from Texas, as well as U.S. Treasury Secretary and 1988 Democratic vice-presidential nominee Bentsen’s family owned the ranch for about 50 years. Bentsen, who was born in the town of Mission in the Rio Grande Valley, died in 2006 in Houston at the age of 85.

Current ranch owners Homer and Linda Gomez “have nurtured the brush habitat on the sprawling property to make it an ideal home for tens of thousands of… quails,” according to Uvalde-based Foster Farm & Ranch, which has the SEO.

Why are the Gomezes selling the property after owning it for 20 years?

“We are ready to head north to the Hill Country. Most of our extended family live in Austin and San Antonio, and after all we’ve done for Arrowhead, it’s time to get closer to the people who mean the most to us,” Homer says.

They will leave behind a ranch with a 9,500 square foot main house offering five bedrooms, four bathrooms and two half bathrooms. Outside the main house is a 5,000 square foot outdoor area featuring paved patios, a pavilion, TV, bar, grill and fireplace.

The completely restored pavilion, dating from the 1930s, has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and an office. Three small houses surround the lodge, with a total of eight bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The property also contains:

  • A 6,000 square foot enclosed barn
  • Two smaller barns
  • Several VR sites
  • Seven underground water wells
  • Dozens of ponds