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  • DEF office closes July 31, 2014 for organization restructuring. Email us at DEF@DELMARVAED.ORG
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    Update a Scholarship

    If you or your organization sponsors a local-priority scholarship or grant which is already included in our Financial Aid Clearinghouse database and you have information that has changed and needs to be updated, please contact us.

    Save time by forwarding the new criteria, deadlines, applications, and contact details to us, your one-stop clearinghouse, and your scholarship listing will be immediately and easily available to those you want to reach, namely, guidance counselors, financial aid and college advisors, parents, and most importantly, students, who are the hope of the future for all of us!

    **** NEW ****
    We now have the ability to put scholarship and grant applications online with each listing. If we already have your fund listed and you would like students to be able to print the application from our website, please send us an application.