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    List a Scholarship/Grant in our Database

    If you or your organization sponsors any scholarships that give priority to local residents, and you would like us to include it in our Financial Aid Clearinghouse database so that this important information will be accessible anytime to help deserving students attain their education goals, please contact us.

    Please note that the search feature of this database allows us to enter data quite specifically for each fund so that it will be shown to only the students who are specifically eligible to apply. For instance, if your scholarship is only for seniors of a particular high school, it is entered in the database so that the listing will only come up as a match for students of that particular high school when they conduct their scholarship search.

    By sending your scholarship listing to DEF each year you will save valuable resources of your organization and of our local schools. As we've met with our region's high school counselors their support of this project has been overwhelmingly positive. We will continue to exchange information with them as we also continue to contact scholarship sponsors directly to become the central Financial Aid Clearinghouse link for all parties.

    This project also benefits eligible students who do not have a guidance counselor to help them, namely, homeschool students or previous high school graduates returning to school for higher education and training to improve their lives and join the workforce at a better level. Please send us your scholarship application along with the eligibility criteria so we may put the application online with the listing, making it even easier for eligible students to apply.

    **** NEW ****
    We now have the ability to put scholarship applications online with each listing. If we already have your fund listed and you would like students to be able to print the application form from our website, please send us your scholarship application.

    Each year, as scholarships have new deadlines or criteria, you can forward this information directly to us, your one-stop clearinghouse, so your listing is updated and immediately available to those you want to reach, namely, high school counselors, financial aid and college advisors, parents, and most importantly, students, who are the hope of the future for all of us!

    We look forward to working with you!